Friday, November 2, 2007

New Australian Made ISO Hybrid Pallet for Export

Last week, we published the news that Plastic2go release a new type of pallet here in Australia, a Hybrid Pallet, made from a cardboard deck and plastic feet. That pallet was a square container pallet, ideal for shipping by sea.

This week, Plastic2go has announced another model of Hybrid Pallet, made to the ISO Standard of pallets, which can be used to export product to Europe, New Zealand and many other countries.


H2GSP1210: ISO standard lightweight
cardboard & plastic pallet for export

Again, this pallet combines the quality of plastic with the manufacturing flexibility of timber. Again, this Hybrid Pallet is very light and highly nestable, yet it can carry up to 1,000kg of product!

This is more excellent news for Australian exporters from Plastic2go.  Companies exporting to countries using the ISO Standard for pallets can use it by air, taking advantage of its super light weight, or by sea, taking advantage of its strength and its ability to save money when shipping and storing it. When the pallet reaches its destination, it can be readily used, because it will fit the ISO-based transport systems.

Plastic2go has announced special introductory pricing on its Hybrid Pallets for export, including the H2GSP1210, an ISO (1200x1000) pallet, made from a tri-wall corrugated or cross-sheet laminated cardboard for extra strength and 12 plastic feet. During this special sale, ISO Hybrid Pallets can be ordered in quantities of 100 or more and are priced from $18.97.

How does all this affect Australian exporters? That’s simple. Plastic2go pallets are so affordable that Australian exporters will save money on shipping to Europe or New Zealand when they buy Hybrid Pallets. Smaller exporters will finally be able to buy smaller quantities of pallets, while larger companies will be able to get great prices.

Inquiries can be made on the company’s web site.

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