Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lightweight Pallets in Australia from $19.99

Plastic2go has announced the availability of 4 lightweight plastic pallets suitable for export of products in containers to Europe, USA, New Zealand and other destinations. These pallets are brand new and offer an unprecedented combination of quality, high load-to-weight ration, very low cost of storage and transport when empty and prices from $19.99.

The company is offering 2 models of Euro (1200x800) plastic pallets, a nestable pallet and a pallet with 3 snap-on skids, as well as 2 similar models of ISO (1200x1000) plastic pallets.

With snap-on skids, these pallets can be stored nested to save nearly 80% of the space, and then quickly assembled before loading them by snapping the skids onto the feet.

All new plastic pallet models can be ordered directly from Plastic2go in shipping container quantities via the lightweight plastic pallets special page on the company's website.

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