Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Export Pallets in Perth, WA

Plastic2go has secured a limited stock of 1100x1100 lightweight (P2G110LU-WA) and medium duty (P2G110MU-WA) plastic pallets for export in Perth, Western Australia (WA).

These plastic pallets are an excellent choice for export, because they are clean, they fit well into a standard shipping container and they can enter any destination country at no additional cost.

clip_image002 Export plastic pallet 1100x1100

Residents of Western Australia can now purchase these excellent plastic pallets without the added cost of transporting them, which means a considerable reduction in the actual cost of the pallets. With the rising cost of petrol putting pressure on transports, business in Western Australia will greatly benefit from this offer, because it means buying their plastic pallets for export a lot cheaper than from Melbourne or Sydney.

Both the lightweight (P2G110LU-WA) and the medium duty (P2G110MU-WA) pallet models are stackable, UV treated, safe to handle and provide the ideal platform for products in crates, cardboard boxes or any other type of packaging. They retain their shape well due to the cruciform full perimeter base, while still allowing forklift and pallet jack access from all 4 sides.

Plastic2go is quickly selling this stock of plastic export pallets in Perth to local companies, but will accept large inquiries from clients elsewhere in Australia.

Inquiries can be made via the "Export Pallets" specials page on the company's web site.

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