Monday, November 3, 2008

Plastic Crates (RPC)

Plastic2go has announced a new range of foldable vented plastic crates (RPC) for groceries, food, fruits and vegetables distribution. These new plastic crates are available in Australia and can be ordered in any quantity over 20.

In this range, Plastic2go offers 3 different sizes, all within the
600x400mm standard: 24 litre, 41 litre & 55 litre.

Foldable vented plastic crates (RPC) for distribution of food, fruits and vegetables

What's great about these crates?

  • Food Grade Finish – FDA approved
  • Ventilation – Excellent for fruits and vegetables
  • Comfortable Handles – Built into all 4 sides
  • High Cube Utilization – No space lost for nesting
  • High Return Ratio – 3.6-5.7 to 1 space saving on return trips
  • Stacking Strength & Durability – Once unfolded, stacking strength comes from vertical columns in the sides of the crate

The new crates are suitable for delicate fruits and vegetables, from star fruit and strawberries to zucchini. They are ideal for display and cooling.

For a limited time only, Plastic2go is offering special deals on the new range of crates, with discounts between 10% and 30% off the retail price, depending on the quantity purchased.

How does all this affect Plastic2go clients? That’s simple. Clients can now order smaller quantities of Plastic2go's plastic crates. There’s no need to order full container loads. Clients also get their plastic crates delivered much quicker, because the crates come from stock in Australia.

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