Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What to Do About the Brambles/CHEP Results?

A few weeks ago, Brambles, the parent company of pallet hiring company CHEP, announced some bad financial results, having (temporarily) lost its client Wal Mart and its stock went down in response to that. A drop in stock price usually means more trouble, translating the lower-than-projected profits into a loss of company value and market sentiment. This time, it only translated into a better deal for Wal Mart…

In Australia, CHEP's hired pallets are used extensively to move products around the country. Until recently, many companies considered this arrangement to be safe and therefore a smart business strategy, but is it?

With the rising cost of petrol already putting pressure on transports, buying pallets, especially plastic pallets, now makes more sense than ever before. Add to this the possibility that CHEP may need to increase hiring rates or that it will start focusing its business and leave small companies unserviced, and some may find themselves much better off buying than hiring.

Plastic2go is offering assistance to any company looking to purchase plastic pallets instead of hiring. Plastic2go's materials handling experts will analyse the company's requirements and current setup and propose a complete solution based on new or used plastic pallets, crates and/or bulk containers.

Plastic2go has materials handling industry experience in Australia of over 20 years. Its people have brought the first plastic bulk containers to Australia and have consulted and supplied plastic pallets, plastic crates and plastic bulk containers to many organisations who are now saving money every day as a result. Some of these companies used to hire their pallets, but now reap the benefits of owning their plastic pallets and seeing the business benefits over time.

The plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers offered by Plastic2go can reduce the storage and transport costs, as well as many other operational costs, significantly. Features like folding, nesting and disassembly, combined with superior hygiene and higher handling safety performance make these products a great choice for many companies looking to work smarter in the modern economy.

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