Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cheap Plastic Crates

In the past few months, Plastic2go has been selling its stackable, vented plastic crates, measuring 600x400x240mm. These crates (RPC) are suitable for groceries, food, fruits and vegetables distribution systems, as well as for storage of parts and documents.

Now, Plastic2go is introducing a new stock of lower crates, measuring 600x400x200mm and offering 40L in volume. These plastic crates are in Australia and can be ordered in lots of 60.

These crates are cheap because they have been used on a single trip into Australia, but they are clean, strong and in perfect condition (see photo).


Cheap plastic crates (RPC) for distribution of food, fruits and vegetables or for storage

What's great about these crates?

  • Volume – Each of these crates can hold 40L of good or parts
  • Light Weight – Each crate only weighs 1.35kg, but is strong enough to carry 40L of fruit or vegetables and to stack in a column
  • Ventilation – Excellent for fruits and vegetables or for documents
  • Stacking Strength & Durability – Stacking strength comes from vertical columns in the sides of the crate
  • PricePlastic2go is offering this limited stock at special prices

For companies looking to buy cheap plastic crates, there is a limited opportunity to buy them now, instead of new and expensive ones.

Inquiries can be made via the "Vented Crates" page on the company’s web site.

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