Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Plastic Pallets

The challenge

Many countries around the world are introducing strict quarantine procedures. This means higher cost of shipping when using wooden pallets. According to the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service “Future Directions” section of the article Imported packaging materials: addressing the quarantine risks:

"The quarantine risk posed by timber packaging is a global concern. Any longer term solution will involve regional or international action on wooden packaging and treatment. Options such as a total ban on timber packaging may need to be considered."

Girl lifting lightweight plastic palletThe solution

Use plastic pallets! Plastic pallets significantly save you the money, time and effort you spend on quarantine procedures. They’re stronger, lighter and more hygienic, which means they can save you even more money on typical usage.

The benefits to you

Here are the main benefits of switching to plastic pallets:

  • Plastic pallets are lighter – lower transport costs, especially in the air
  • Plastic pallets can be stored outside – lower storage costs
  • Plastic pallets are stronger and you can use them 5 times longer than wooden pallets – higher return on investment
  • Plastic pallets are cleaner. They do not absorb water or chemicals and cannot be used by bacteria or fungi – you can use them in clean areas for food, pharmaceuticals, wine and lots more
  • Plastic pallets are uniform in dimensions and weight – if one goes through your process, they all will
  • Plastic pallets have no splinters and no rusty nails – lower cost of workplace insurance and higher safety for your employees
  • Plastic pallets can be recycled – you can even get paid when they break

Which plastic pallets are best for you?

Plastic2go is an international manufacturer, wholesales, distributor and consultant in the plastic industry. We’ve found out over the years that our clients are all unique, so what you need is not plastic pallets, but a storage and shipping solution.

Let our seasoned experts tailor the best solution for you. We’ll even custom-make products for you that nobody else can. Visit Plastic2go for more.

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