Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shipping and Storage Solutions using Plastic Products

In the modern, global economy, companies do their best to specialize in one or a few core products or services. This way, they can invest in what they do best, differentiate from the competition and win market share.

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Using storage and shipping experts is a smart choice for the modern business.

The flip side of this is that these companies now outsource every function deemed “non-essential”, such as payroll, recruitment and even accounting.

The same consideration can be applied to the creation and operation of shipping and storage systems. Manufacturers, fish/meat/poultry traders, fruit and vegetables growers and wholesalers and other business, having to store and/or ship their products safely and efficiently, can benefit greatly from outsourcing their storage and shipping systems to experts.

One such expert, right here in Australia, is Plastic2go. Plastic2go offers a wide range of high quality plastic pallets, intermediate bulk containers, crates and other products. But its main strength is in its ability to design and build complete storage and shipping solutions for any size of operation and under any conditions.

Plastic2go customers can choose a full turn-key solution or any number of the following:

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It takes years to develop deep experience, but when there’s no time, using an expert can be a great idea.

  • Needs analysis - Plastic2go's experts review and analyze the customer’s existing systems and recommend a conceptual solution, with emphasis on quality and long-term cost-effectiveness
  • Product/solution design - Plastic2go's experts create a detailed proposal for a fully integrated solution, which can be successfully implemented within the customer’s specific situation and provide peace of mind and safety to the customer’s business. This includes custom-made plastic products and add-ons, such as RFID tags, logos and special colors
  • Product/solution implementation - Plastic2go manufactures any desired products and assists the customer in their implementation into the supply chain. This includes provision and/or setup of washing facilities, palletizers, palletizers, conveyors, etc. It also includes advice on proper maintenance, loading and use for export, import or special conditions, such as cold storage
  • Warranty and maintenance – For environmentally-aware and cost-conscious businesses, Plastic2go offers a recycling program, in which damaged product can be exchanged for new, based on its recycled value, regardless of the cause of damage and in any quantity
  • Customer service - Plastic2go keeps in contact with its customers long after the successful completion of projects. When customers call Plastic2go again, they can save much time and effort, because Plastic2go already knows how their system works and can quickly and effectively enhance their operations time after time

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Plastic2go offers turn-key solutions for storage and shipping, using modern plastic products.


In the Australian market, Plastic2go certainly stands out as a market leader in consulting, plastic products and customer service.

The company’s web site features an extensive list of export pallets, crates and bulk containers and provides an easy way to contact Plastic2go.

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